The links on this page take you to the individual pages of the writers in the San Angelo Writers Club. On their individual pages you will find links to their personal web pages, links to their books, and descriptions of current projects. The authors are listed in alphabetical order:

Pam Backlund – Author of short stories at her website, Pam’s Literature, and original video clips at Concho Water.

Stanley Denny – Author of poetry.

Dana Glossbrenner – Author of The Lark: A Novel and Women Behind Stained Glass: West Texas Pioneers.

Duane Helweg – Author of Lone Survivor at Shiloh and Everything Lake View (Almost) from 1908 to 1949: A Pictorial History.

Cynthia Jordan – Author of the Gem Trilogy: Pearl, Diamond, and Ruby, and much more.

Mattie McKee – Author of In the Shadow of the Greats.

John Osterhout  – Author of The Schnoz of the Rings: A Parody and Just Lorem Ipsum. See John’s web page, Photography, Books, and Flipped Chemistry, at

Eugene Stonefield – Author of The Saga of MacHeracles

Mike Thompson – Award-winning author of The Turbulent Trail, Curse of Al Capone’s Gold, and Wolf Point.