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Mike Thompson is an award-winning photographer and writer. He retired from the government where he tested explosives and was the curator of an Army museum. He is a Vietnam veteran medic (1966-67) with a military career spanning 42 years (1960-2002), including the Air Force, Army, Army Reserves and National Guard. Mike, his wife Ruthie, and cats, Daisy and Molly, live on the Laughing Horse Ranch, Land and Cattle Company, San Angelo, Texas. He has owned several businesses, worked as an actor, carpenter, bartender, oil landman, raised horses and done many other things while trying to decide what he’s going to be if he grows up. Today he writes, collects cowboy art and gear, drinks beer and western dances with Ruthie at assorted dance halls and saloons across Texas.

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The Turbulent Trail

Former soldier and Army sharpshooter turned brawler and drunk. Charlie Deegan winds up in Yuma Territorial Prison. Knowing he can’t last the remaining nine years of his sentence, he escapes determined to change his life. Charlie heads north hoping to become a cowboy. Beaten down by the harsh Sonora Desert, he discovers a mummified miner whose hoard of supplies gives Charlie a new chance at life. He befriends a cowboy, Creed McCall, who agrees to help him get a job on a north bound cattle drive. Untested as a cowboy, Charlie must start as the cook’s helper. As the herd heads out on the long trail drive, will he be able to prove that he has what it takes to become a real cowboy?

The Turbulent Trail is the second place winner in the Arizona Literary Contest 2017.

The Turbulent Trail is available:

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The Curse of Al Capone’s Gold: An Andy Larson Mystery

Andy Larson, a North Dakota cop, and four close friends will hijack a truck load of bootleg booze coming in from Canada. Everything goes wrong, when after months of meticulous planning, they actually take down the whisky truck and one of his friends is killed by a machine gun toting guard and they end up killing all the men in the trucks. When a shaken Larson and his remaining friends unload the whiskey they find the reason for the extra security is sixty-thousand dollars in gold coins belonging to Al Scarface Capone. Capone and his henchmen ignite a furious hunt for his gold and the men who stole it. The hardest task Andy Larson will ever face is saving his friends while trying to stay alive himself…

Praise for the Curse of Al Capone’s Gold

“Gangsters, cops, Tommy guns, and stolen gold, all in one fast-moving package. What more could you ask for? Grab a copy of Mike Thompson’s new novel and read it before someone makes the movie.” -Bill Crider

Curse of Al Capone’s Gold is a a high-octane tale of 1920s gangsters, bootleggers, booze runners, hijackers, double-crossers, crooked cops, and some really bad guys besides.” -Elmer Kelton

Curse of Al Capone’s Gold combines the most entertaining elements of the gangster story, the western, and the caper novel with a fresh voice and a good ol’ boy grin that always accompanies the best yarn. Mike Thompson seems to be having as much fun as any of his characters, and ti’s infections.” -Loren D. Estleman, author of Frames

“North Dakota has had dark times in its history and none blacker than during Prohibition: when liquor flowed freely, illegally spilling south across teh wide-open Canadian-North Dakota border. Mike Thompson’s Curse of Al Capone’s Gold brings to life North Dakota during the dry years by capturing the rich ethnic voice of new immigrants so prevalent in the young rural state Thompson bring rich and authentic detail to his writing, and he joins personal knowledge of rural North Dakota, the unintended consequence of Prohibition on the Plains and the mystic of Al Capone.” -Ken Rogers, Bismarck Tribune

Curse of Al Capone’s Gold is available

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Wolf Point: An Andy Larson Mystery

Prohibition: Booze and blood run across the snows of northern Montana. Wolf Point has turned into a bloody battleground for control of illegal bootleg booze being smuggled in from Canada. The shooting death of the police chief and sheriff, robbing the bank and shooting up the town are grounds for resignation of the entire police force. Andy Larson, the temporary sheriff, must deal with the new police chief who brought his own police force from the east. A bootleg distribution point is littered with dead bodies and shot-up cases of whiskey. A boxcar of whiskey is blown up. A biplane is used to bring in booze. Is the new chief head of a bootleg gang? Is Sheriff Larson up for the challenge?

Wolf Point is available from Amazon in hardcover, paperback, and for the Kindle. It is also available as an Audible audio book and on audio CD.

Wolf Point is available:

  • Kindle $3.99 from Amazon.
  • Paperback: $10.99 from Amazon.
  • Audiobook: Free with Audible trial from Amazon.
  • Audio CD: $28.99 from Amazon.


The Fennec, a professional killer, is contracted by a group of seven businessmen to kill Steven Donovan; a man they feel holds the key to their future fortune. A fortune to be amassed from a platinum mineral swindle. Each of the men puts up an equal amount of money to cover the cost of the contract, but to appease their consciences; six of the men want to know nothing about the transaction details. The man who set up the deal is found dead and on his body is an envelope with a single scrawled word, REFUND. Soon a second member of the group is discovered dead with another REFUND envelope. the police don’t reveal how much money is in the envelopes, but it is the amount that man paid for his share of the Fennec’s fee! After another of the businessmen is killed, they finally realize what is happening, but have no way to contact the Fennec and they dare not go to the police to confess what they have done. The police are under constant pressure and want answers as the men from the group continue to die and are found with their refunded money. Why is the killer returning his fee and what is his possible connection with Steven Donovan?

Refund is available:

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