I currently reside in San Angelo, Texas and am a member of the San Angelo Writers Club. Previously, I enjoyed a lengthy residency in Austin, Texas where I pursued a career in technology with the federal and state governments. Preceding that period, I completed four years of service in the Air Force and attended the University of Texas at Austin where I received a BA in Liberal Arts with a major in English Literature. During this time, I pursued the writing of poetry for self-amusement. Now, I have entered a time of life that allows more freedom to write and am expanding efforts into prose.

The Life and Times of Mav Caid, a trilogy.

The Life and Times of Mav Caid is a fantasy-fiction trilogy about a naive farmer’s son who leaves Bandera, Texas at seventeen to experience life beyond the farm life into which he was born, and to find his niche in the world. After spending five years as a wrangler and drover for Captain John Lytle driving cattle up the Great Western Cattle Trail, Mav strikes out on his own, arriving in Beaton, Arkansas where he obtains some land and settles in to live off the largess of nature. His plan is to be short-lived when he finds that he cannot ignore his roots as the son of a farmer. Nor can he ignore the magic of Macy, the Arkland Stageline station-keeper’s daughter. This is the story of Mav Caid’s maturation following the tragedy of his family’s murder in Bandera. Beginning in 1889, Mav is faced by a series of threatening situations in which he employs courage and native intelligence to survive but is eventually forced to violate his natural abhorrence to killing to protect his new wife and himself. His story is also one of how he became the ‘Keeper of Tears’ in the nation of Everyman and built a legacy.

Mav Caid is the first of a three-book trilogy, The Life and Times of Mav Caid. The books of this trilogy are:

  • Mav Caid The Early Years, published in October, 2019 by Great Fiction Publishing.
  • Mav Caid The Middle Years, expected publishing date in December, 2019
  • Mav Caid The Later Years, expected publishing date in Spring 2020

Angus Mach Eraclee

Angus Mach Eraclee is a story of a young man from Marblehead in the seventeen-fifties whose wife is captured by the pirate, Flora Burn, and sold into slavery to an Arabic Amir. In his search to find his wife, Felicity, Angus travels the world as an agent of a wealthy merchant and plantation owner, Imlac Azar who desires to find lost literature to re-create Baghdad’s House of Wisdom that Halugu Khan destroyed in the thirteenth century. As Angus collects rare and lost literature, he searches for Felicity, returning periodically to his base in London. A revelation received as he is to return to London from Persia unsettles his mind and thrusts him into a world of fantasy, contained in the book, The Saga of MacHeracles. Publication of the story of Angus Mach Eraclee is slated for August of 2020.

The Saga of MacHeracles

The Saga of MacHeracles is a fantasy tale of the adventures of Angus MacHeracles, a heroic American raccoon, whose adventure begins in the waters near Bass Rock Cliff of Berwick, Scotland where he is taken aboard the tramp-merchant ship, Okeanos. MacHeracles becomes the trusted agent of Master Nebbelsten Glaucus, captain of the Okeanos who conducts business from Scotland and the British Isles throughout the Mediterranean. MacHeracles is instrumental in resolving various troubling issues that arise and for completing tasks assigned by Captain Glaucus. Historical people and events anchor the plot to the timeline of history and are subjects of commentary by an unnamed, omniscient chronicler in addition to the tale’s narrator. The tale of Angus MacHeracles ends back in Marblehead where the story of Angus Mach Eraclee began. Publication is planned for December, 2020.

Fantasia for Adelaisa

Fantasia for Adelaisa recounts the life of a violin virtuoso, the ‘genius’, who longs for wealth and fame, which he achieves through guidance of his teacher, Professore Tchort, while trying to justify his neglect for his ‘forever’ love, Adelaisa. In this tale, Pietro, a pious boy from Poggibonsi, Italy is trained as a violinist by a mysterious man who has expert knowledge of the development of the violin and its rise to prominence in the world of orchestral music into the early twentieth century. Publication date has not been set.