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Linda Bond – September 2018

San Angelo Writers Club returns from the summer break with “History Couldn’t Be Hotter” presented by Linda T. Bond on Tuesday, Sept. 11. Bond’s book, “Saving the Oldest Town in Texas,” will be published Nov. 15 by Stephen F. Austin Press. Her historic novel combines the true story of Col. Benjamin Wettermark, the most famous embezzler of 1903, with a contemporary woman taking on the task of restoring his Nacogdoches mansion 100 years later.

Bond has written for magazines in Colorado and for Texas Monthly, Texas Highways, Women’s Wear Daily, and many more. This year, a television show she wrote and produced won a national silver people’s choice Telly Award and a bronze award for best historical production. She has also written and produced 20 interactive historical plays. Bond will discuss doing historic research for her novel and other projects. For more information on Bond, go to her website, The book is available for pre-sale on – click here.

Saving the Oldest Town in Texas

When Col. Benjamin Wettermark emptied the bank and skipped town in 1903, he left his wife, his children and his mansion behind. Wettermark was the banker everyone trusted, the mayor of Nacogdoches and one of the most important men in East Texas. On the night he emptied the safe and took the night train out of town, he lost that trust. Then he became the face on the front page of hundreds of newspapers as the scoundrel who broke the bank in the Oldest Town in Texas.

Over a hundred years later, Peggy Jensen wonders if she is brave enough to renovate a home that seems too far-gone. She could almost say the same thing about herself. She is alone, stiffening up in all her joints, at loose ends after seven years watching her husband’s brilliant mind deteriorate. It is just her luck to fall in love with a deteriorating scandal-ridden mansion.

The book tells the true story of Col. Wettermark, the most famous embezzler in 1903, his house designed by the best architect in Nacogdoches and the impact Col. Wettermark’s betrayal had on the woman who loved him and the town that trusted him.


New SAWC Banner

The long-awaited new banner photo has arrived! The new bookshelf contains thirteen books authored by members of the San Angelo Writers Club. See if you can spot them all. Hint: there is one with no title! If you’d like to see the list, just continue.

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Kathy Keaton – Writing Humor

Kathy Keaton

Kathy Keaton, aka Piccolo the Clown, gave the May San Angelo Writers Club (SAWC) program on writing humor. The occasion for her talk was the recent publication of her new book Prescription Humor: The Compassionate Application of Medicinal Humor. For the last 15 years, Kathy has been employed at the San Angelo Community Medical Center as a Therapeutic Hospital Clown.

Kathy as Piccolo

Kathy Keaton is a motivational and keynote speaker. Her message is timeless: laughter can help us lead a happier and healthier life. In her book and speaking appearances she gives examples of the positive effcts of laugher on our well-being. Her alter ego, Piccolo, is an award-winning clown. Kathy is a board member of the Texas Clown Association and a member of the World Clown Association. After three-years of study at the Humor Academy of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor, she was one of the first to be awarded a designation as a Certified Humor Proessional (CHP).

In her talk, Kathy admonished us to better understand our own sense of humor in order to blend it into the characters in our books. From Kathy’s handout: “A sense of humor is a powerful tool/trait that can be used to add depth to your writing as well as help you connect with others in the real world plus add health benefits for you life.” She suggested that we keep a humor notebook to help us define our sense of humor and to construct humorous situations for our characters.

Kathy’s book Prescription Humor: The Compassionate Application of Medicinal Humor was published in January 2018 and available on Amazon. The book is a collection of life stories collected from over forty years of experience. Her message is that humor and personel connection can improve even the most difficult situations. It is about using humor to provide moments of laughter and bring relief to the stress of difficult situations.

Kathy Signing Her Book

During her presentation Kathy had the club members stand and led us in exercises to limber up our funny bones and to improve our health and attitudes. Kathy lingered after the meeting to sign books and chat with the members. Connect with Kathy Keaton/Piccolo the Clown on her website.

SAWC Holiday Party a Success

Stan Denny is first in line.

The SAWC Holiday Party was held December 12 at First Place, 14 Harris Street, San Angelo, Texas. Coffee and “snacks” started at 6:30 pm. Only instead of snacks, there was a holiday spread that was quite impressive (see the picture at right). The picture shows Stan Denny, resplendent in his read coat, leading off the charge on the food. For a while, the members settled down to talking and chewing.

Dana Glossbrenner leads off.

After sufficient attention was paid the scrumptious food, President Mattie McKee opened the floor to readings from the members. The business meeting and reading started late because, well, we couldn’t talk with our mouths full.

Each member was allowed 5-10 minutes to read from his or her recent writing. The evening’s presentations included poetry, selections from novels, excerpts from memoirs, and a poem from a collection of poem-prayers.

Members pose for group photo.

After the individual presentations the members and new members posed for a photo. The evening closed with best wishes for all for the holiday season and the new year. Join us in 2018 for another great year of the San Angelo Writer’s Club.

Also, visit the holiday party gallery.



Brian Turner to be Featured at Writer’s Conference

Brian Turner will be the featured writer at the 22nd Annual ASU Writers Conference in Honor of Elmer Kelton. See the Writer’s Conference home page here.

Mr. Turner is a poet and memoirist who served seven years in the US Army. He is the author of two poetry collections, Phantom Noise and Here, Bullet, which won the 2005 Beatrice Hawley Award, the New York Times “Editor’s Choice” selection, the 2006 PEN Center USA “Best in the West” award, the 2007 Poets Prize, and others. Turner’s work has been published in National Geographic, The New York Times, Poetry Daily, Harper’s Magazine, and other fine journals. Turner has been awarded a United States Artists Fellowship, an NEA Fellowship, a Lannan Foundation Fellowship, and more. His recent memoir, My Life as a Foreign Country, has been called, “achingly, disturbingly, shockingly beautiful.”

Visit Brian Turner’s author page at Blue Flower Arts.


Lone Star Literary Life

If you love writing and live in Texas, you should know about Lone Star Literary Life. Lone Start Literary Life is the brainchild of Kay Ellington and Barbara Brannon, former speakers for the San Angelo Writers Club.

Here are two excerpts from their web page:

Lone Star Literary Life is dedicated to the idea that Texas readers and writers deserve their own lair—a virtual speakeasy of letters where wordsmiths and bookworms are embraced as part of our state’s reading and writing community. So, howdy and welcome. You seem like our kind of folks.

With Lone Star Literary Life, if you don’t know about Texas books, it’ll be your own fault.

Visit the site. There are reviews, e-newsletters, book blog tours, podcasts, calendars of book event, stories, photos, and interviews.

Porter Henderson Library 50th Anniversary

The Porter Henderson Library at Angelo State University will hold a rededication ceremony on Friday, October 27 at 2 p.m. The ceremony will celebrate the library’s past, the influence the library continues to have on academia and the future of academic libraries. Here is a link to the festivities.

Matt de la Pena

Matt de la Peña will be the featured guest at a Meet the Author event at 2 pm, Tuesday, July 18, in the Suggs Community Room of the Stephens Central Library, 33 W. Beauregard, San Angelo.

Matt de la Peña is the New York Times bestselling author of young adult novels. His titles include “The Hunted,” “We Were Here” and “Mexican Whiteboy.” He won the 2016 Newberry Medal for his picture book “Last Stop on Market Street”.

Matt is a native of San Diego, California. He received his BA from the University of the Pacific and his MFA in creative writing from San Diego State University.  He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY with his family and teaches creative writing at New York University

Visit Matt’s website,

Thanks to Laurel Scott for initiating this post.

May – John Osterhout

John Osterhout’s talk, The Art of the Book, was about making your book interior look as professional as possible. John told the club about formatting conventions, the layout of the text blocks on the page, matching interior and display fonts, line and character spacing, running heads and front matter. John indicated that the best way to achieve these goals is to forgo your trusty word processor and use a design program such as Adobe InDesign (professional and expensive) or Scribus (open source and free). However, if you simply must use a word processor, avoid the font Times New Roman (it’s a cliché) and be sure to adhere to the other formatting conventions discussed. After his presentation, the audience was given the opportunity to critique samples of book interiors.

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April – Cynthia Jordan

Cynthia Jordan talked with the San Angelo Writers Club about her new book, Ruby, the third book in her Gem Trilogy, which also includes Pearl and Diamond. Cynthia also talked about sources of inspiration for her literature and her music.

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