On April 17, Dana Glossbrenner, member of the San Angelo Writers Club, talked about her book, Women Behind Stained Glass: West Texas Pioneers, at the Fort Concho Spring Speaker Series. She spoke surrounded by the cool stone and soft lighting of the Commissary Building.

The First Christian Church in San Angelo, Texas has stained-glass windows that are over a century old. These windows are dedicated to three women: Annie Tankersley, Mary Jane Metcalfe, and Ellen Osmer Farr. Women Behind Stained Glass tells the stories of these women.

Annie Tankersley was a Concho Valley pioneer. The Tankersley family, including six children, moved to the headwaters of the South Concho River in about 1864, the first Anglo-American family to settle in the Concho river basin. Mary Jane Metcalfe left her husband in an asylum and made her way south to Texas. Ellen Osmer Farr became the first female postmaster in San Angelo. The three women embodied the very spirit of the pioneer Texas woman.

Dana Glossbrenner (left) with admirers after the presentation.

Glossbrenner’s animated and entertaining presentation was well received by the crowd. She stayed afterward to sell copies of Women Behind Stained Glass and her other book, The Lark, a heartwarming story about Charlie Bristow, the most sought-after hairdresser in five counties.

Glossbrenner’s book table.

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