Bruce Partain, President and CEO of the San Angelo Chamber of Commerce, spoke on “Writing About San Angelo for Traditional Publications and Other Media” at the April 9 meeting of the San Angelo Writers Club. He discussed writing for traditional media as well as for blogs and social media. According to Partain, his motivation was to get more well-written stories about San Angelo into publications across the state and world.

Partain gave examples of writing assignments from his own experience and that of others. He discussed various types of writing: general features, travel features, profiles, and industrial news and updates. Noting the the Chamber of Commerce was a resource for writing examples and stock photos of San Angelo, he encouraged our membership to work on the on line presence. Finally, he discussed a set of electronic tools that he found useful for interviewing and organizing materials.

Partain provided two handouts, which are available below.

Bruce Partain – Presentation Outline

Ripped Jeans and Bifocals example.