On October 9, 2018, Manning Wolf, attorney and author, spoke to the San Angelo Writers Club about plotting and writing the thriller. Manning told the group about writing in three acts, each composed of a series of beats that define the progress of the work. She advised allotting a quarter of the pages to Act I, which introduces the characters, the locale, and sets the tone of the novel. Another quarter of the pages are assigned to the slam-bam finish in Act III, leaving fully half of the book for the middle, Act II, where the plot thickens and character development occurs.

Manning Wolf at the Podium

Manning Wolf

Manning Wolf is an author, blogger, and attorney based in Austin. Manning writes fast-paced legal thrillers (she’s an attorney, remember) starring Austin attorney Merit Bridges. Enthusiastic readers note that the detailed use of Austin sights and restaurants make the city a character in its own right.  Her Lady Lawyer novels include Dollar Signs, Music Notes, and Green Fees. All are available on Amazon in paperback and as Kindle books.

Manning’s Books

Dollar Signs.  Merit Bridges represents a client accused of arson and murder after taking matters into his own hands. When Merit steps in, her ruthless opponents unleash a merciless hired gun, Boots King, to head her off at the pass. The ensuing legal shenanigans, a wild chase across Texas, and the looming presence of Boots King make for a wild ride!

Manning Sells Some Books

Music Notes. Liam Nolan was getting his life back together, cataloging his music. Things are looking up until someone murders him with his own guitar. Then a heir shows up claiming to be Liam’s illegitimate son. Meanwhile, Nolan’s former manager, L. A. Baron, makes a play for the estate and starts making shady deals for the estate. The maneuvering in and out of court has Merit Bridges looking over her shoulder.

Green Fees. Golf pro Mark Green has a problem. To keep his PGA tour dream alive he borrowed money from Russian loan shark Browno Zars (not a good life choice). This is a problem because when Bruno doesn’t get his money he gets testy and when Bruno gets testy, his henchman, the Enforcer, gets busy. Mark asks his lover, the smart and feisty attorney Merit Bridges, for help. Merit goes to work with her legal magic. This makes her a target for the Enforcer. Merit wakes up hanging from a meat hook and staring death in the face. Can Merit save herself from torture and certain death?

Manning and Her SAWC Fans