The long-awaited new banner photo has arrived! The new bookshelf contains thirteen books authored by members of the San Angelo Writers Club. See if you can spot them all. Hint: there is one with no title! If you’d like to see the list, just continue.

The checklist of SAWC books:

  1. The slim volume with no title between Eats Shoots, and Leaves and Love in the Time of Cholera is Close to My Heart: Poems by Carol Smith.
  2. Lying horizontally because it is too tall to fit on the shelf, is In the Shadow of the Greats: From Texas’ Square Roots to Capitol Hill’s Inner Circle by Mattie McKee.
  3. Just to the right of In the Time of Cholera is Just Lorem Ispum by John Osterhout.
  4. Tucked in between The Road and Harry Potter is Johnny Fowler’s Mountain Woman: Snake River Blizzard. A Kate McAlaster Adventure.
  5. To the right of the “SAWC Best Writing in West Texas” title rectangle, there is a stretch of SAWC books starting just to the right of My Life in Provence. The first is A Legacy of Words: Texas Women’s Stories 1850-1920, by Ava E. Mills.
  6. Next is Dana Glossbrenner’s Women Behind Stained Glass: West Texas Pioneers.
  7. Sandwiched between the two Glossbrenner books is West Texans Remember the Home Front by Ava E. Mills.
  8. Ava’s book is followed by the second of Dana Glossbrenner’s books, The Lark: A Novel.
  9. One over is The Schnoz of the Rings: A Parody by John Osterhout.
  10.  Next is West Texans Remember the Home Front by Ava E. Mills.
  11. The seventh SAWC book on the right is Living Full Tilt: Proven Principles for Living Your Life in Freedom, Joy, and Plenty by  Janie Kelley.
  12. Next up is The Turbulent Trail by Mike Thompson.
  13. The final SAWC book is Pearl: A Historical Novel by Cynthia Jordan.

Missing from the shelf because 1) it was too tall, 2) it wouldn’t fit horizontally above Mattie’s In the Shadow of the Greats, and 3) it doesn’t have a title on the spine was The Aloha Christmas by Beverly Henderson with illustrations by Joy Noguess.