Kathy Keaton

Kathy Keaton, aka Piccolo the Clown, gave the May San Angelo Writers Club (SAWC) program on writing humor. The occasion for her talk was the recent publication of her new book Prescription Humor: The Compassionate Application of Medicinal Humor. For the last 15 years, Kathy has been employed at the San Angelo Community Medical Center as a Therapeutic Hospital Clown.

Kathy as Piccolo

Kathy Keaton is a motivational and keynote speaker. Her message is timeless: laughter can help us lead a happier and healthier life. In her book and speaking appearances she gives examples of the positive effcts of laugher on our well-being. Her alter ego, Piccolo, is an award-winning clown. Kathy is a board member of the Texas Clown Association and a member of the World Clown Association. After three-years of study at the Humor Academy of the Association of Applied and Therapeutic Humor, she was one of the first to be awarded a designation as a Certified Humor Proessional (CHP).

In her talk, Kathy admonished us to better understand our own sense of humor in order to blend it into the characters in our books. From Kathy’s handout: “A sense of humor is a powerful tool/trait that can be used to add depth to your writing as well as help you connect with others in the real world plus add health benefits for you life.” She suggested that we keep a humor notebook to help us define our sense of humor and to construct humorous situations for our characters.

Kathy’s book Prescription Humor: The Compassionate Application of Medicinal Humor¬†was published in January 2018 and available on Amazon. The book is a collection of life stories collected from over forty years of experience. Her message is that humor and personel connection can improve even the most difficult situations. It is about using humor to provide moments of laughter and bring relief to the stress of difficult situations.

Kathy Signing Her Book

During her presentation Kathy had the club members stand and led us in exercises to limber up our funny bones and to improve our health and attitudes. Kathy lingered after the meeting to sign books and chat with the members. Connect with Kathy Keaton/Piccolo the Clown on her website.