The Turbulent Trail

Charlie Deegan has gone from an Army sharpshooter to a drunken brawler to a prisoner in Yuma Territorial Prison. He escapes and heads north to change his ways and become a cowboy. On the way, he fights Indians and Mexican banditos, tangles with a crooked sheriff, and is locked in a military stockade when he is recognized as a prison escapee. He breaks out and vows never to drink again. He befriends a cowboy who offers him a job on a cattle drive. But can the hard-drinking, brawling Charlie really become a cowboy? Buy The Turbulent Trail on Amazon.

Wolf Point 2015

Prohibition: Booze and blood run across the snows of northern Montana. Wolf Point has turned into a bloody battleground for control of illegal bootleg booze being smuggled in from Canada. The shooting death of the police chief and sheriff‚ robbing the bank, and shooting up the town are grounds for resignation of the entire police force. Andy Larson‚ the temporary sheriff‚ must deal with the new police chief who brought his own police force from the east. A bootleg distribution point is littered with dead bodies and shot-up cases of whiskey. A boxcar of whiskey is blown up. A biplane is used to bring in booze. Is the new chief head of a bootleg gang? Is Sheriff Larson up for the challenge?

Mike Thompson

Mike Thompson is an award-winning author and photographer. He retired from the government where he tested explosives and was curator of a military museum. He was a medic in Vietnam (’66-’67) with a military career that spanned 42 years (’60-’02), including Air Force, Army, National Guard and Reserves. Mike, his wife, Ruthie, and cats, Daisy and Molly, live on the Laughing Horse Ranch, Land, and Cattle Company, San Angelo, Texas. He has owned several businesses, worked as an actor, carpenter, bartender, oil land man, raised horses, was an explosives project engineer, and done many other things while trying to decide what he’s going to be if he grows up. Today he writes and collects western art, books, and cowboy gear.