Cynthia Jordan talked with the San Angelo Writers Club about her new book, Ruby, the third book in her Gem Trilogy, which also includes Pearl and Diamond. Cynthia also talked about sources of inspiration for her literature and her music.

From her Amazon author page: Cynthia began her career in music when in 1983 her song JOSE CUERVO became the number one song of the year. In 1997 she moved to Nashville where she signed a record contract to compose and produce 11 CDs of Ambient Piano Music for Page Music. Cynthia has had over 5 million downloads of her music. An entertainer at heart, Cynthia guarantees her readers will never be bored! If you happen to get one of her books, make sure you have a box of kleenex nearby and prepare to laugh out loud. Cynthia was first published with her story “Tita” in CHICKEN SOUP FOR THE LATINO SOUL. She has written 2 non-fiction books. BUTTERFLY MOMENTS, an autobiography about her musical career, and IF THIS WAS HEAVEN, a collection of 101 vignettes she wrote for her radio show. Cynthia has also written MUSIC BOOKS to teach people her unique method of learning the piano quickly. To learn more visit